The pastor and founder of Trinity Chapel is Robert (Bob) Biermann. Bob’s background has primarily been in the broadcast industry. He started as a radio announcer many years ago but gravitated to the engineering and management side of the industry. He spent many years working and developing the radio ministry of Toccoa Falls College, a Christian College located in Toccoa, Georgia.

During his time at Toccoa, Bob felt God’s call on his life to pursue the ministry. Over several years, he completed his seminary work and was ordained in 1996. By 1998, Bob answered a call to a mission church in Florida where he led for almost 7 years. That church was blessed and experienced phenomenal growth. The loss of his first wife to cancer was a major change for Bob. Over the next decade, Bob helped with a number of church plants and missions.

Bob remarried in 2016 to a wonderful life partner. Bob and his wife, Lori, decided to move to Southwest Virginia to be nearer to family. Though semi-retired from much of his broadcasting work, both Bob and his wife are excited to be launching this new church. Bob and his wife, Lori are pictured together on this page.

Bob is still an ordained clergyman in the Traditional Anglican Church and held the title of Presiding Bishop prior to retiring from that position. Bob is being led by the Holy Spirit to build a church that is prepared for the unique and turbulent times ahead. Trinity Chapel is an independent church with a unique mission.